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Coordination in Action

Mission, Vision and Values

Mission: To ensure people with mobility challenges have access to the community by increasing, enhancing, sharing and coordinating regional transportation services and resources.

Vision: Mobility and access for all!

DRMAC Value Statements
To accomplish our mission, DRMAC bases its decisions and actions on the following core values and beliefs:

  • We will maintain legitimacy by showing our value and usefulness to the community. DRMAC is committed to being 'in it for the long haul' and will constantly challenge ourselves to achieve our vision of mobility and access for all.
  • We are committed to inclusiveness—of people, organizations, ideas, and new participants. We will constantly strive to represent the people and organizations we are here to serve, and we welcome open, participatory dialogue. Since our focus is regional, we will aim to build consensus whenever we can. We will respect those we work with so that they will respect us.
  • We will maintain integrity by being objective, open, honest, and forward-thinking. Our decisions will not be guided by self-interest or personal agendas.
  • We will encourage open communication and strive to keep everyone updated on DRMAC activities through regular meetings and open-dialog.
  • We will focus on stewardship of our finances and mission and hold ourselves accountable for our actions and projects. We will accomplish this by constantly looking at the bigger picture, while remaining realistic and pragmatic with our goals and priorities. Our stakeholders can expect follow-through, a clear purpose, and transparent systems and policies.

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