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Transit and Accessibility Task Force

The Transit and Accessibility Task Force held its first meeting in August of 2011 and continues to work toward its mission of increasing the use of RTD fixed route service by paratransit riders and those with mobility and other challenges by reducing barriers, partnering with community organizations, and educating passengers. To read more about the task force and its goals and accomplishments thus far, please read the task force overview. You can also read the plans for the two work groups of the Task Force. If you are interested in participating in the Task Force, please review the participation agreement and contact Matt Cunningham at 303-861-3711 ext. 103. The Task Force has also compiled or created several documents to help achieve its goals, which are detailed below.

An example of a document meant to help educate RTD passengers on the service is the Accessible & Reliable pamphlet. This pamphlet helps explain how to access and use RTD services, and also provides contact information for questions or complaints.

To help assist with efforts at bus stop accessibility in our various communities, the Task Force also recently compiled a list of sidewalk snow removal and sidewalk repair requirements throughout the Metro. This information is intended to be a resource for people with mobility challenges who are impacted by snow covered sidewalks or sidewalks in disrepair. Unsafe sidewalks significantly increase the risk of injury due to slippery conditions and trip hazards and may prevent people with disabilities from accessing transit stops. Decreased mobility as a result of unmaintained sidewalks results in a lack of access to employment, community resources and services. In turn, this means a reduced quality of life for people with mobility challenges. Most municipalities in the RTD have adopted ordinances to keep sidewalks in good repair and free of snow and ice. This document is designed as a reference for residents to understand the rules in their municipality for sidewalk repair and snow removal, enforcement mechanisms, and who to call to report sidewalks that violate the requirements. You can access the list here. A related resources is RTD's policy around bus stop spacing and placement

Another project of the Transit and Accessibility Task Force was to compile a list of the ADA Coordinators across the metro, which can be found here. This information is intended to be a resource for people with disabilities as well as ADA Coordinators and others interested in assisting people with disabilities. Title II of the ADA requires public entities with 50 or more employees to have at least one employee designated as a coordinator responsible for ensuring and coordinating compliance with the ADA as well as to implement its ADA grievance procedure. An ADA Coordinator is the person responsible for assisting with any requests for accommodation, due to a disability, in a public facility or in order to access public programs and services.


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