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Via's NEW TRAVEL TRAINING PROGRAM - Now available in Denver! 

We are excited to share that Via mobility services has a new Individualized Travel Training Program in the Metro Denver area!  Learn how to use the RTD bus and light rail systems throughout the region safely and confidently to expand your travel options. Older adults (age 60+), people with disabilities and others living with mobility limitations who reside within the RTD system are eligible for this FREE program!

 For more information and to sign up, contact Susan Unger
303-447-2848 or



Success stories:

  • Lutheran Family Services participated in the train-the-trainer training in the fall of 2010 and trained 85 people within 3 months!

    "With the training and support we received from DRMAC, we gained confidence in our ability as educators to effectively teach our clients how to get to any place they need to go, on their own. We are grateful to DRMAC for helping us to promote our clients' self-sufficiency as they adjust to life in America."

    —Alula Arega

  • In May 2012 DRMAC, in partnership with Via, trained 75 people from the ARC Thrift Stores' ARC Ambassadors how to ride RTD's light rail. Since then nearly 90% of the individuals trained have used public transportation.

    "I would just like to thank you again for all of your assistance for our Arc University course yesterday. You did a great job and the ambassadors truly enjoyed their day! It was the first time on light rail for a lot of them so a great learning experience as well."

    —Kristie Gamboa

  • In October 2012 DRMAC, Via and RTD gave a presentation to their first class at Merrill Middle School. They are now able to go on field trips for under $20 rather than $175+.

    "Everything was awesome! We now go to the public library twice a month and have been to the Museum, the IMAX and even took RTD to the Light Rail and then on to the Downtown Aquarium. I will definitely have you out again next year. Unfortunately my numbers are down but they may go back up before the next school year. We are researching other free field trips that we are able to access pretty easily from the RTD bus. Next month we are going to try to go to the Denver Mint. The training has opened many doors for us. I also now have several parents using the public transportation with their child who were not using it before. I feel as if they did not realize how easy it is. Last year we were not able to go anywhere as DPS charges $175 per bus. This way we are traveling for under $20. Thank you so much for all your help!"

    —Wendy Shepard

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