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Photo courtesy of Castle Rock Senior Center Photo courtesy of Castle Rock Senior Center

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The Denver Regional Mobility and Access Council (DRMAC) became a project of the Colorado Nonprofit Development Center in 2006 and has since grown its membership to over sixty members. DRMAC partners with our members and stakeholders to provide our key program areas: coordination, education, and information sharing.

Studies show that individuals routinely miss medical appointments due to transportation issues and individuals without reliable transportation report having a lower quality of life. Additionally, more than one in 10 seniors and more than one in 5 low-income residents in Douglas County alone have missed or had to cancel a medical appointment due to transportation issues in the past year. The figure is higher for people with disabilities. It is staggering to think about the number of individuals across the entire Metro who miss appointments because of lack of transportation or transportation resources.

DRMAC’s history of partnerships, diversity of our membership, and key programs allows us to tackle transportation challenges across the Metro. With your contribution we can continue to provide vital transportation resources to those in need.

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