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We want to help you find the ride that’s right for you! The DRMAC Transportation Information and Assistance Center is your “go-to” resource when you need to identify transportation options to “go-to” medical appointments, shopping, across town or just about anywhere life takes you. If you are looking for transportation services in the Denver Metro area, DRMAC can help you find the transportation that helps best meet your needs.

The Information and Assistance Center, known as the I&A Center, is open Monday through Friday from 8:30AM to 5:00 PM. We strive to serve our community and this consultation is 100% free! Call us today at 303-243-3113!

Getting There Travel Training Program

Getting There Travel Training

DRMAC’s Getting There Travel Training Program’s mission is to increase air quality, decreases traffic congestion and to get people out of their cars. We want to provide transportation options to get people to and from where they need to go using RTD, Lyft, Uber, DRMAC and many more different services and apps. This gives participants the tools and total access to multimodal transportation options in our 9-county region.

The Getting There Travel Training Program consists of 3 sessions to the series. Each class is about 1 hour long virtually and about 1.5 in-person. In these classes, we teach people how to find transit resources, plan a trip, read a map, find, and board a bus or train, apply for discounts, purchase tickets and fairs, use mobile ticketing apps, Lyft’s scooters, e-bikes, and much more. At the end of  in-person group training sessions, DRMAC takes those who completed all 3 sessions, on a FREE “In the Field Trip” using RTD and Lyft’s services and devices. We have options to sign up as an individual or as a group for an organization. To learn more, please email

Getting There Travel Training  Guide and App

DRMAC’s Getting There Guide serves as a transportation resource for 9 counties of the Denver Metro area. It contains information about paratransit, public/private transportation, rideshare options, and volunteer transportation. The guide is free for everyone to access and download on and lists a variety of low-cost and free options. Additionally, all of this information can be found in our Getting There App and webtool, The availability of the app and webtool allow users to search for transportation options that are tailored to their specific location, accommodations, age, and more.  Getting There is a free app and will soon contain more resources beyond transportation, like housing and food assistance. To learn more, please email

Trainings and Events

DRMAC offers a variety of educational workshops and events to ensure people with mobility challenges have access to the community.  We strive to make sure the topics are fresh and appropriate for the community we serve.  For information or training suggestions, please email

Community Outreach

We continually reach out to make sure we remain community viable resource. We participate in and advocate with a wide variety of the region’s work groups, task forces, and committees, on human services and transportation needs and futures.  We attend community events to provide information on DRMAC programs services.  For more information or to have our team present at your event, please contact us at

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