Upcoming Meetings

DRMAC provides several trainings a year throughout the Denver area. Here you can discover what trainings we are providing in the near future. You can register for our monthly meetings by scrolling to the bottom of this page.

Click on the meeting title below to register for the meeting.

2024 Meetings

1/9/24- DRMAC Kickoff 2024 Meeting

2/6/24- Member Meeting (Check Email for Link)

3/5/24- Regional Coordinating Council

4/2/24- Disability Etiquette Workshop

5/7/24- Member Meeting (Check Email for Link)

6/4/24- Regional Coordinating Council

7/9/24- Educational Offering

8/6/24- Member Meeting (Check Email for Link)

9/10/24- Regional Coordinating Council

10/1/24- Transportation Options Workshop

11/5/24- Member Meeting (Check Email for Link)

12/3/24- DRMAC Annual Meeting RCC

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