Equity Picture

The Denver Regional Mobility and Access Council has worked for 15 years to support inclusive and equitable communities. Our work centers on older adults and people with disabilities, but all communities include our core populations. Age and disability do not discriminate by race, religion, color, income, or creed, and neither does DRMAC. 

For those reasons, we have expanded our outreach to veterans, immigrants, refugees, the unhoused, and any group who uses and needs transportation. We know from our years in this arena that transportation is important to all persons – we believe that all people should be able to get where they need to go, and where they want to go, regardless of their income, ethnicity, age, experience, or accommodations needed. 

We commit to continuing to be a resource for our partners, our riders, our neighbors – and we will:

  • Continue our internal work to improve our policies and practices and to push ourselves to address our own biases.
  • Work harder to develop meaningful relationships and provide relevant services to more leaders of color in our region.
  • Increase our own advocacy as an organization.
  • Expand our trainings and resources to include even more learning opportunities around operationalizing equity
  • Listen to leaders of all colors to shape and inform new programming.

DRMAC’s mission is mobility for all. With this mission in mind DRMAC strives to help immigrant and refugee residents in the Denver metro area find transportation resources. We recognize that many cultures honor and care for their elders at home who are also in need of transportation options to live an independent lifestyle. This is where DRMAC becomes a resource for your many unique needs.

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