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Coleen Samuels, Executive Director

Coleen is the Executive Director for the Denver Regional Mobility and Access Council (DRMAC). She brings more than 20 years of business operations and leadership experience to the organization and has worked in the both the not for profit and for-profit sectors. Coleen’s passion is working with disadvantaged and underserved families. She holds a Bachelor of Business Management degree and is enthusiastic about being part of the DRMAC team and serving the community with helping to remove transportation barriers.

Email: csamuels@drmac-co.org

Diana Castro – Operations & Outreach Coordinator

Diana is the Operations & Outreach Coordinator at Denver Regional Mobility and Access Council. She brings 10 years of experience in customer service in Human Services and Mental Health. Diana is a Denver Native, speaks fluent Spanish and is dedicated to serving the community of Colorado.

Email: dcastro@drmac-co.org

Latoya Prante – Program & Development Manager

Latoya graduated from Metropolitan State University with her BSSW. She has 3 associate degrees in human services, Pre-social work, and in psychology. She will be working on her master’s degree sometime in the future. She currently uses her degree to work with the community in a micro, mezzo and macro way. She looks at the community in a systems aspect. What works best for the community. She is someone who loves to support and see people thrive. She is outgoing and very people oriented. She has 20 plus years of experience working with older adults and people with disabilities. She started with DRMAC as an intern and is now the Program and Development Manager.  

Email: lprante@drmac-co.com

Maria Griffin – Administrative & Marketing Assistant

Maria is the Administrative and Marketing Assistant at Denver Regional Mobility and Access Council. She has a background in Hospitality Management and is fluent in English and Spanish. She’s passionate for helping others and developing relationships with people in order to provide the best service to the Colorado community. Maria looks forward to continuing the DRMAC commitment to assist people with low- income, disabilities and older adults.

Email: mgriffin@drmac-co.org

Stephanie O’Neill – Program Manager of Special Projects

Stephanie is the Program Manager of Special Projects and oversees our Getting There Travel Training Program and Getting There App. She has a degree in Health Sciences from the University of Vermont where she focused heavily on reducing food insecurity in local communities. She is passionate about reducing health inequities and improving access to care through transportation and other public health measures. Stephanie is excited to continue partnering with the Denver Metro community through DRMAC.

Email: soneill@drmac-co.org

Binisha Shrestha – Development Coordinator

With a background in film and communications, She’s always been a storyteller driven by a need to understand and influence the audience. She is a relentless problem solver with unquenchable curiosity who can’t help but analyze and try to improve everything she sees . She’s goal- oriented, self-driven, hardworking and loves talking to people-being a people’s person. Coming from Nepal, she’s been living in Denver for about a decade and very active in Asian community, where they promote Asian food, music and culture. She can speak fluent Nepali, Hindi and English. She is also a Commission member at Aurora Immigrant and Refugee Commission (AIRC) and cultural council member at Arapahoe County. She has been writing grants for more than 5 years on expanding cultural projects in Colorado and the different states where their sole aim is to promote Asian rich culture, food, music and giving jobs to more community people. She frequently writes about immigrant stories, cultural exchange and importance of diversity and inclusion in the community in various platforms.

Email: bshrestha@drmac-co.org

Binisha Shrestha

Holleigh Webb – Volunteer

Holleigh is a volunteer at DRMAC and one of the people doing the I&A line. She was raised in Colorado and plans to attend school for video editing. Holleigh was interested in volunteering with DRMAC to gain experience and give back to the community. She enjoys writing short stories, biking, and spending time with her dog in her free time.

Email: hwebb@drmac-co.org

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