Every day, new products come out that are intended to simplify activities for people with disabilities

CCDC New Products

1) Enabling Devices  

Enabling Devices is proud of its iPad Mounting System, which also works with Kindles and Nooks. The adjustable system mounts the tablet to wheelchairs and tabletops. The company also features a bundle of products for the visually impaired. It includes a communicator that plays recorded messages, a musical light box and tic-tac-toe and Connect Four -style games. Enabling Devices was originally called Toys for Special Children when it was founded 35 years ago

2) eSpecial Needs

This company excels in adapted toys for students with special needs. Children can be entertained by animated stuffed animals like Grizwald Bear and Bubba Buffalo, as well as a flower fan, bubble machine and a buggy race car. In addition, eSpecialNeeds offers weighted vests and blankets called Sensory Hugs, which are helpful for hyperactive and easily distracted children

3) Camping World

Why is Camping World on this list? Because of the Zippedy Wheelchair Armrest Organizer. How brilliant is this? It attaches to one of the armrests of your wheelchair, and you can keep your wallet, remote, cell phone and keys in there. It’s one of those gadgets that makes you slap your forehead and ask “Why didn’t I think of that?”

4) Zappos.com’s Adaptive Department 

This primarily shoe company has a variety of manufacturers who specialize in adaptive clothing, orthotics, gear, accessories, and single shoe purchases. The link provides many functional products that allow people with disabilities to live more easy and self-reliant lives. This is a page that includes all products that can be helpful to people with disabilities

5) Ten Best Shoes For People with A Disability In 2021 – https://thespedguru.com/10-best-shoes-for-people-with-a-disability

This link provides an overview of the top 10 best shoes for people with disabilities. It provides a wide range of shoe options for those looking for adaptive shoes to wear. The articles provides helpful links to website who have lines that inclusive to all people especially those with disabilities. Some of the prominent companies included in the article include Nike, Ugg, and Stride Right.

6) Pampered Chef 

Pampered Chef is a website that has recipes, fun interactive classes, and even purchasable kitchen devices straight to your door! They have consultants that can meet with customers to provide to them with the best tool/ recipes that fit each and everyone’s daily lives. Find your local host in the “Find a consultant” in the top right corner!