FCC Grants Two Conditional Certifications for IP Captioned Telephone Service Using Only Automatic Speech Recognition

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) granted two conditional certifications to MachineGenius and Clarity to provide Internet Protocol Captioned Telephone Service (IP CTS) using only automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology.

ASR technology means the captioning will be created without the aid of communications assistants, live captioning operators.  Instead, the caller’s voice will generate the captions with the use of technology.

MachineGenius’ app is called Olelo, which can be installed on a mobile device, including smartphones and tablets that are Wi-Fi or mobile-data enabled. It will include such features as call history, captioned voicemail, and speakerphone.

Clarity’s app is called CaptionMate, which can be installed on iOS and Android phones and tablets or accessed via a website. CaptionMate will also allow users to pause the transcription of a call, display captions on multiple devices, select a language corresponding to that of the other party, view captions of both parties’ voices, share captions of the other party’s voice with that party, and rate captioning quality.

For more information or to apply for a wireless/mobile device, contact JoAnne Hirsch at joanne.hirsch@state.co.us or call (720) 949-7457 (VP) or (303) 866-2097 (V).