Everyone can use a few extra dollars.   Older adults age 65 and over or individuals who are disabled and who own property or who rent may be eligible to receive a PTC 104 rebate.

In previous years, many low income individuals were not eligible for a PTC 104 rebate if they lived in subsidized housing or non-profit housing.  However, starting in 2020, the rules were changed and regardless of where you live, if you meet the age and income guidelines, you can receive the rebate.

To be eligible, older adults must have an income of less than $15,192 (single person) and $20,518 (couple) from all sources such as Social Security, pensions, and interest or dividends.

Individuals must prove lawful presence by submitting a Colorado driver’s license or ID.  The address on your license or your ID must be the same as the address on the application.
Individuals whose address is different may change their address in person or online at the Colorado Department of Revenue.

To complete the application, you must include the amount of income you received, the amount of rent paid in 2019, and the amount of utilities paid.   You must sign the application, as well as the affidavit of lawful presence.  A copy of the Colorado driver’s license or ID must be attached.

Rebates can be filed online at the Colorado.gov/RevenueOnline or you can complete and mail a paper copy to the Colorado Department of Revenue.  Applications must be mailed before December 31, 2021 for the 2019 application.  Individuals who have not applied for the 2018 rebate, can apply until December 31, 2020.

The maximum amount of the grant is $937 and the minimum amount is $315.

For information or assistance with completing the application, call Senior Answers and Services at 303-333-3482 or toll free 1-855-293-6911 and ask to speak to a counselor.