*Information from Denver Streets Partnership

Have a bike? Need a bike? Join Bike Match: Denver!

Many of our loved ones are serving on the front lines of this global pandemic, working to keep the grocery aisles stocked, whipping up that delicious takeout so you don’t have to cook, and caring for sick members of our community. And even though transit ridership is down significantly during COVID-19, there’s plenty of evidence that the folks still hopping on a bus or light rail do so to perform the essential activities that keep the rest of us going.

We’re doing everything we can to support these essential workers. That’s why we requested more space for adequate physical distancing — everyone needs to get out and move but it’s critical that we have appropriate space to decrease the chance of transmission. We’ve also asked Denver to immediately lower speed limits city-wide; our healthcare capacity needs to be focused entirely on COVID-19, not responding to preventable traffic violence. Our coalition members are delivering essential Personal Protection Equipment to RTD & we’re working with them to keep transit riders and drivers safe during this time.

And today, we’re excited to announce one more way we’re supporting our Denver family during COVID-19: connecting essential workers with one of our favorite forms of transportation – a bike!

Here’s how it works: potential bike donors and requesters visit the Bike Match: Denver website. Both donators and requesters will complete a form with information on what type of bike they are donating or requesting. Bicycles must be in ready-to-ride condition (Bicycle Colorado can help you determine if a bicycle is up to snuff right here). We’ll use the completed forms to match a bike donor to a recipient. Let’s make sure that the people taking care of us can get to work without fear of crowding on buses, a dead battery, or anything else that might hold them back.

Got a bike you can donate?

Are you an essential worker in need of a bike?