Did you know that more people have birthdays in September than in any other month?

So Changing the Narrative thought that September was the perfect time to launch an anti-ageist birthday card campaign. The campaign will encourage all of us to think about the messages that we communicate when we are sending birthday cards, and to choose cards and greetings that celebrate and don’t denigrate aging. What we want to see less of? Cards like these.

A CALL for artists and designers

The campaign is starting with a CALL FOR ARTISTS. Changing the Narrative is looking for up to 20 Colorado artists/designers/creatives to design cards that they will sell through the Changing the Narrative website and in other venues; they will pay $500 per design. Applying to be selected for one of the designs is simple:

  • Just go to their campaign website page

  • Watch the video

  • Fill out a short questionnaire and include a few examples of your designs

If you’re not a designer, can they count on you to share with visual artists, graphic designers, and other creative people that you know? Feel free to forward this article, share Changing the Narrative’s Facebook posting onto your Facebook page, or download this graphic and share.