Advantages Of Using GoGoGrandparent

If you’re reading this, you have likely used GoGo or have thought about utilizing our service. Did you know that GoGo is more than a phone number to request rides through? We have certain features geared directly towards our caller’s needs that put us above going through any app to get a ride. Read below to learn more about what we do, why we do it, and things about GoGo you may not have known about!

Our GoGoGuardians

Anytime you request a ride through GoGo, our system will filter through a checklist of things to ensure your ride goes smoothly. For example, if we think you’re requesting a ride from a place with multiple entrances that a driver could potentially be waiting at, we’ll work with you to ensure the driver goes to the right entrance. The team that works with you and our drivers is called our GoGoGuardians.

These GoGoGuardians monitor rides, ensure pickup notes are communicated to drivers, as well as facilitate proper pickups.

Driver & Car Screening

We auto-filter drivers based on your needs. Don’t like hopping into larger cars? Need extra room for your walker? We can detect which cars don’t meet your requirements and match you with a more suitable ride. And as always, we only match our GoGo’ers with 4.5 star-rated and above (out of5)

Customer Advocacy

If you ever need to dispute a charge, write feedback about a driver, or send a general support message to the rideshare company, we’ll handle that for you. Just let us know so we can advocate on your behalf and make sure to keep you updated on any response you receive. We know disputing a cancellation fee is troublesome, let us go through that process for you.

Keep Loved Ones In The Loop

Not only will we be monitoring your rides, but you can also have a trusted friend or family member receive text message updates on the driver/cardetails, your trip status, and any updates you may receive along the way.

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GoGo Gift Cards

Give the gift of independence with a GoGo Gift Card. You can add gift credit to existing accounts or start new ones. Purchase it for someone who doesn’t have their own credit card on file or make it a great gift!

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