INC Transportation Committee – January 9, 2020

Topic 1 – RTD Board Perspective on Operator Shortage, General Manager Search, and Reimagine RTDJeff Walker, RTD Director (District D) Q & A

  1. Driver Operating Shortage
  • Service changes every 4 months
  • Reductions often happen in less dense areas
  • Currently down operators (60 LRT, 80 Bus)
    • Usually lose about 20 drivers per month for various reasons
  1. New GM for RTD
  • Interviewing 5 candidates
  1. Reimagine RTD
  • Trends from other agencies – increase frequency on high ridership routes, and cut on lower ridership routes
  • Higher cross-town frequency
  • Less coverage but more frequency overall
  1. Changes to help RTD at State level
  • Only 2 other agencies with elected board – both in Oakland
  • Certain legislation limits RTD’s powers – percent of funding, fares, parking fees
  1. Hybrid services in areas that experience service cuts
  • e. Flex Ride, DU Chariot, Pre-B Line service
  1. Vulnerable population and transit-dependent riders who live in areas that receive service cuts
  • Some cuts are just to bus stop locations, not service


Topic 2 – Snow Plowing Practices and 2020 Paving Program — Pat Kennedy, Denver Dept. of Transportation and Infrastructure

  • Currently CCD does not use de-icer on residential streets, and only plow once every 24 hours, as compared to 2-3 times on collectors and arterial
  • Liquid de-icer is used in the CBD, granular is used everywhere else
  • All de-icer only works until 15 degrees
  • If having issues then call 311 line


Topic 3 – The Future of Bike and Scooter Share in Denver — Nick Williams, Denver Dept. of Transportation and Infrastructure

  • DOTI will release an RFP for e-scooters and bikes in 2020
  • Hope to have better regulation over less providers
  • May have community involvement in selection – unsure as of yet


Next meeting Thursday March 12 at 6 pm at 1201 Williams Street 19th floor