Boulder Local Coordinating Council (LCC) – September 14, 2020

Location: Microsoft Teams Meeting (virtual)

Meets every month 2:00pm-4:00pm. Even months in Longmont. Odd months in Boulder.

Mission – Overcome transportation gaps in the community, Multi-modal education

Menti questions-Which populations does your organization serve in Boulder and surrounding areas?

  • Boulder LCC Priorities
  1. Understand Medicaid transportation better
  2. Ride Free Longmont and now Ride Free Lafayette
  3. Address gaps in transportation in Boulder outside of RTD coverage
  • Larimer/Weld counties priorities -Assess the 2017 Coordinated Human Services Transportation (CHST) plans while building the new CHST plan. Mobility committees have been helping to identify the gaps. Always looking for outside involvement. Don’t want to become insular

Have been tracking trips within Boulder and between counties with the following findings:

  • There are a lot of trips coming from Longmont
  • Highlighted how much traffic is cross jurisdictional
  • Regions are growing together
  • NFRMPO = North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization. Larimer did a study of mobility for older adults.
  • One of the programmatic suggestions after this study resulted in the One Call One Click programThey then worked with a consulting firm to implement it
  • A mobility manager is now hired for the program
  • People are looking forward to Closing the transportation gaps and consolidating tasks into one app
  • Other updates

Via Mobility Services

  • There is a second vehicle running in the Larimer & Weld counties part time
  • Because of this the denial rate went from 21% to >1%
  • The are able to make deviated routes in the Estes Park area
  • Running time is 8-2 and they have the ability to bring people down to Longmont
  • Right now Frederick is not involved

Flex Express

  • Making coordination efforts cross jurisdictionally –

Involved now: Boulder, Ft. Collins, Longmont, Berthoud

  • Main place of operation is Fort Collins and other towns help pay for the service. C0-funded service
  • So far this has been very successful – people want more trips

Poudre Express

  • Making coordination efforts cross jurisdictionally
  • Involved now- Greeley, Ft. Collins, Windsor
  • Another co-funded service
  • Trips include-Ft. Collins to UNC, Greeley to CSU, Connections to Flex Express, Bustang, Arrow Express

Mobility for all

  • This is the 1st time Boulder is doing a Coordinated Human Services Plan
  • Want to give more focus to youth transportation
  • Looking into diverse funding options
    • Monday 10/12/2020
    • Location: virtual (Microsoft Teams)
    • Time: 2:00pm-4:00pm