Boulder Mobility and Access Coalition (MAC), February, 14, 2022

Boulder Mobility and Access Coalition (MAC), February, 14, 2022

Partner Updates:

  • DRMAC Getting There Travel Training Program, Stephanie O’Neill
    • Sign up for DRMAC’s Getting There Travel Training program to learn how to ride transit. Individuals can sign up on and click “learn to ride” to register for sessions. Organizations and agencies can schedule trainings for their teams or clients by emailing All sessions are free and virtual. If you complete all 4 sessions you will receive a free RTD ticket.


  • RTD Service Changes, Brandon Figliolino and Nataly Handlos
    • Riders must wear face coverings through March 18, 2022. RTD will be starting the Fare Study and Equity analysis. RTD just hired their first outreach coordinator for individuals experiencing homelessness. RTD is still operating under their pandemic level of service but ridership is slowly increasing since the start of the pandemic. May 29th, 2022, is when service changes will go into effect. They will take comments at any time.


  • BCHA EcoPass Program, Chloe Grant
    • Boulder County Housing Authority is expanding from the 200 Kestrel units and will be adding 632 BCHA units into their EcoPass program. Nederland and Lyons are not included in this contract because they’re already included in other community-wide programs


Chris Akers, State Demography Office, 2020 Census

  • The population is growing at a slowing rate and Colorado has seen a 14% population change (increase) since 2010- 744,500 people. Colorado has gained an 8th congressional seat. The population only increased 0.5% from 2020-2021 in Colorado. There have been 126,000 fewer housing units built this decade.


2022 MAC Work Plan

  • Angel Bond gave an overview of the 2022 MAC Work Plan and discussed what would be happening at each stage.


The next MAC meeting will be March 11th, 2022 at 2pm.