Broomfield LCC, February 11, 2022

Broomfield LCC, February 11, 2022


In Attendance: Nikki Crouse, Penn Street, Dean Bennett, Sarah Grant, Teague Kirkpatrick, Bob Davis, Marc Ambrosi, Stephanie O’Neill

Dean Bennett reported that the DIA is hiring 2 new people to work on diversity and equity


Teague Kirkpatrick (RideCo) reported that he will be attending the SWATA conference. This conference is similar to CASTA, but it is regional instead of just Colorado. The regional aspect allows for a different perspective when looking at transportation


Penn Street (Audio Information Network) reported that they’ve had volunteers read DRMAC’s new Getting There and offered to read anything if folks need materials/resources updated. Their numbers are growing and everything they create is now on Spotify, Apple, and Google.


Sarah Grant reported on the Reimagine RTD System Optimization Plan. She mentioned that they recently extended public outreach until March 9th 2022. The map can be found at this link: Sarah wants to know if this map is accessible. Sarah also mentioned that RTD is proposing to eliminate routes in Broomfield.


Nikki Crouse (Broomfield Easy Ride) reported that they have 2 new vehicles that were approved this week. Broomfield has the Summer of Travel programming coming up. Numbers are still increasing, and they are seeing an increase in the need for transportation for adults with disabilities in Broomfield. They don’t get any reimbursement for those trips, so they’re reassessing how they’re going to maneuver around that