CDOT Monthly Transit Providers meeting – April 9th

CDOT Monthly Transit Providers meeting

The agenda was:

  • Team CDOT-business office, audit, civil rights (CRBRC), procurement Office
  • Special guest- Mallory Cyr, CO HCPF- NEMT Update
  • All that, and a bag of chips- updates Dolores County…
  • Team DTR- Bustang/outrider
  • CASTA & RTAP- Updates and information
  • Topic of Concern-CO Transit and COVID-19 Information and discussion

NEMT- Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

3 ways it is used:

  1. By each county’s human services
  2. Multi-county collaboratives
  3. State contracted broker for 9 front range counties (intelliride)

Plan and purpose are set for July 1st to expand broker model across the state instead of only the 9 front range counties.

RFP is completed and is now in negotiations.

This means it will improve programs and access for members. Its different everywhere and many don’t know about the option of NEMT.

The benefits are not changing or going away.

For more information go to:

or email questions to:

DTR-Bustang- will be down till April 26th New routes to come 2021!!!

Greyhound still running

CASTA- Spring training conference cancelled.

Current transportation providers position and order of operations

Status Percent Numbers
Normal 3% 2
Reduced 66% 53
Suspended 31% 25