Denver County Local Coordinating Council (DCLCC) 5/19/2021

Denver County Local Coordinating Council

May 19, 2021; 9-10 AM

Zoom Meeting


  • Carol Buchanan – DRMAC
  • Michael Hughes – West Corridor TMA
  • Cooper Langdon – RTD Service Planning
  • Kenna Davis – DRMAC TATF
  • Patrick Kavanaugh – DRMAC
  • Lindsey Alarcon – RTD
  • Jaime Lewis – Colorado Cross Disability Coalition
  • Mayra Gonzales – Montbello Organizing Committee
  • Daryl Kinton – Former RTD Board Member
  • Latoya Prante – DRMAC
  • David Krutsinger – DOTI
  • Christian Steward – DOTI
  • Steve Martingano – RTD Transit Security


Getting There Travel Training (GTTT) -Latoya Prante, DRMAC

  • Different types of travel training available including 101 ,102, 103
    • Trainings include tutorial of the RTD app, discounts fares
  • Trainings cover RTD and Lyft (app and scooters)
    • Lyft bikes will be added to travel trainings in the future
  • Example: Training 101 covers:
    • Who is RTD and Lyft
    • How to plan a trip
    • How to find a bus/bus stop
    • How to stay safe
    • How to read a schedule
    • How to find a train/platform
  • Trainings are currently virtual but will be transitioning back to in-person by this summer. Expected to start in-person at Union Station.
  • Online trainings have no capacity limits and all ages are welcome; in-person trainings must be 18+ and will have capacity limits.
  • Mike to work with Latoya to host travel trainings with groups he is working with.

Sun Valley Project Update

  • Debrief of second meeting with Sun Valley Youth Center
    • Low levels of engagement – hard to have engagement with virtual meetings
    • Staff needs travel training – schedule in-person training
    • Provide bikes and/or demo bus with bike rack
      • Current driver shortage limits this possibility, but could be an option if staffing levels increase
    • Welcome Back Packet distribution

2021 Goals

  • Building relationships in Montbello
    • Mayra to check when the next FreshLo meeting will be held.
    • David mentioned that DOTI is working with Montbello for a new transit circulator – opening in July 2021.
      • Start planning some sort of travel training before the circulator is live. Mayra to work with Latoya to set this up.
      • Plan some sort of DCLCC sponsored event when the circulator opens?
        • DOTI is working with the Northeast Transportation Connections TMA and planning on providing some sort of travel training and event.
      • DCLCC Website
        • CALC summer micro-grants will be released around July/August.

General DCLCC Updates

  • Steering Committee recruitment
    • Looking at adding more members
  • RTD sub-regional committees
    • RTD Accountability Committee will be releasing their recommendations in the next couple months, will include public comment period.
    • If RTD sub-regional committees are approved, want to not duplicate DCLCC efforts. Potential to make DCLCC the Denver sub-regional committee.

Member Updates

  • Lindsey – RTD is kicking off their fare study this month (18-month process) which includes a community engagement component.
  • Cooper – the RTD driver shortage limits the amount of service increases.
  • Michael – ebikeshare program launching in June in Sun Valley
  • Carol – DRMAC RCC is scheduled for June 1st; disability etiquette training scheduled for July 6th.

Next meeting:

June 16, 2021 at 9am

Zoom Meeting