Denver Local Coordinating Council (DCLCC) – September 16, 2020

The Denver Local Coordinating Council (DCLCC) met on Wednesday, September 16th. Leaders recapped work done in the August meeting on the LCC’s project to make transit the desirable option for youth in Sun Valley. Attendees then broke into project subcommittees on Marketing and Outreach, Data Analysis, and Safety and Security to further expand on action steps needed. Having a culminating event approximately a year from now (post COVID vaccine) was suggested to the group at large. As part of the meeting, each attendee also shared updates from their organization including information out of the RACQ about poor air quality and the rapidly approaching need for mandatory trip reductions, the transition of older adult transportation services from Senior’s Resource Center to Via Mobility Services, and the opening of RTD’s N Line. The next meeting will be Wednesday, October 21 at 9am. DCLCC meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month.