Denver South Employees Transportation Champions – 4/13/21

This was a very interesting program on Reimagine RTD and CDPHE’s Employee Trip Reduction Program (ETRP).

Reimagine is moving towards a system redesign to better serve the Denver metro area for the future. They hope to create performance measures for the system and restore the trust of the people who should be using the system. They want to meet the future needs of the RTD traveling public. RTD is working on a market and travel demand analysis.

The State has passed legislation regarding greenhouse gasses. ETRP is in its development process for businesses with over 100 employees to deal with single occupancy vehicles (SOV). Those businesses will need to identify an Employer Transportation Coordinator with annual reporting. A rule will be proposed for the state which will be heard by the Regional Air Quality Council in August. By mid 2022 an ETRP plan must be implemented and finalized by the state.