Douglas County LCC/DCTS meeting December 9, 2021

Douglas County Transit Solutions Local Coordinating Council Meeting Notes

December 9, 2021

Open discussion for member updates

Artie Lehl from Douglas County Housing Partnership – Many new affordable housing developments coming in 2022. Consider transit options for residents, visitors, and staff.

  • South Range Crossing – available spring of 2022 in Parker
  • Apex Meridian South- 208 units available in March 2022 in Northern part of unincorporated DC
  • The Audrey- Senior housing- open now in Highlands Ranch Town Center
  • Bridgewater- Senior housing 79 affordable and 63 market rate units (memory care and independent) available summer 2022
  • Koelbel and Company- Affordable housing- 67 units construction underway near Ridge gate station in City of Lone Tree
  • Oakwood Senior Apartments

Program Updates

  • Review of Bylaws – Due to priority conflicts within the Douglas County Attorney’s Office, the endorsement of updated DCTS bylaws will happen during the March meeting. This will include review of DCTS Officers and member requirements.
  • 2021 Program Update – attached

DCTS Dashboard. RTD contract signatures occurred late in the second half of 2021. Transportation services were requested and provided but not yet reflected on the dashboard.

  • Current and Projected Funding
  • 5310 and HST current funding is through December 31, 2021. DRCOG has sent out funding extensions for January 1 – June 30, 2022 and providers are allowed to continue offering trips for reimbursement while the extensions are being reviewed and signed. There should be no disruption in service.
  • Service Providers: RTD trips need to be in EmpowOR for 2021.
  • Funding priorities for 2022 using 5310, HST, OAA, and RTD Local Funds

Anticipate a ~10% increase in trips provided and two new vehicles from DRCOG HST/AAA/5310 proposal. Costs have increased due to operational expenses, driver costs, fuel, etc.

2020 Implementation Plan amendment for action in 2022

Discussion on updates and revisions to Implementation Plan for 2022. Request member comments and remarks. Understanding of current transportation supply and options are an important aspect for moving forward with a plan.

NEXT MEETING:  Thursday, March 31, 2022

Meetings will be held the last Thursday of each quarter