Amy Pulley – DRCOG, ADRC Manager – opened the meeting by introducing new DRCOG staff Gina Gentili, Dwaynna Grace, and Lydia Dumam.

ADRC meeting presentations:

Jennifer Reeves – DRCOG, Program Manager for Ombudsman Services – Ombudsman Nursing Home and Assisted Living Update

  • Here is the website for DRCOG’s Ombudsman Programs:
  • Feel free to make direct contact with any questions or referrals for individuals in need of Ombudsman assistance:
  • You can also reach our Ombudsman of the Day, M-F, during regular business hours: 303-480-6734

Anaya Robinson, Atlantis Community Inc., Associate Director Atlantis Community Inc – Expedited Transitions Pilot

  • Partnering with Reciprocity Collective – trains unhoused individuals to be live-in caretakers for clients in transition from congregate settings
  • This program has funding through September 2021
  • If you have any further questions, referrals, etc., contact , and the phone is 303-733-9324 x 1220

Heather Kamper – DRCOG Manager, Transitions and Veterans – Medicaid Transition Services – Update from Options Counseling Program

  • Kudos to Ashly Johnson, who is running Medicaid transition Services
    • pre-pandemic – busy with 50-60 clients per month providing options counseling
    • post-pandemic – #s has dropped significantly
    • anyone can refer clients to Options Counseling, including Ombudsmen
    • Question asked of clients: “would you like to speak to someone about the option to return to the community” – state mandates they be referred to options counseling
  • Ashly Johnson – referrals from SNFs have dropped
    • MDS referrals from HCPF – missing information that makes it challenging to locate clients
      • Causes a 2-month delay at least
      • A lot of cross-checking to find clients that want options counseling
      • Cold calling facilities to find clients
      • Covid has made this a challenging task