DRCOG Metro Vision Regional Transportation Plan Civic Advisory Group March 3, 2020

The Civic Advisory Group is convened by DRCOG as a form of public engagement to gather input for its Metro Vision Regional Transportation Plan 2050. This was the second meeting of the group. The first meeting was held December 2019. This group meets approximately every other month.

MVRTP refresher & December meeting recap • Lisa Houde, public engagement specialist, reminded the group of the goals and process of the 2050 Metro Vision Regional Transportation Plan and showed the new introductory video for the MVRTP. She also described how the group’s input has influenced the plan process since the previous meeting.

What is scenario planning? • Lisa Houde introduced participants to the basic purpose and steps of scenario planning exercises.

DRCOG scenario trends • Alvan-Bidal Sanchez, planner, described the goals of DRCOG’s scenario planning process, the various scenarios that DRCOG has started testing, and the measures that are used to assess impacts of the scenarios.

Predict the future activity • Group members took an interactive poll to gauge their ideas of anticipated impacts of scenarios and discussed the results. Poll results are available within the presentation.

Initial scenario trends • Alvan-Bidal SAanchez, planner, described some initial scenario results related to transit and travel choices and discussed next steps for the scenario planning process.

Attendees:  Areli Alcazar, Barbara Smith, Bob Epstein, Brandon Figliolino, Carol Buchanan, Christine Nguyen, Connie Martin, Deya Zavala, Jeanne Kauffmann, Jordan Pryczynski, Megan Blinov, Rachael Lehman, Rey H. Sosa, Roberto Rey, Stacey Moslet, Tiffany O’Connell, Lisa Houde-DRCOG, Alvan-Bidal Sanchez- DRCOG