DRCOG TAC – July 26, 2021

DRCOG TAC – July 26, 2021

DRCOG TAC met on Monday, July 26th.  Following the call to order and acknowledgment of the previous month’s meeting summary, Lisa Houde and Alvin-Bidal Sanchez from DRCOG presented amendments to the Public Engagement Plan. The proposed amendments included the following and were approved by the TAC:

  • Incorporated additional guidance for virtual participation methods
  • Provided direction for revising the public engagement plan
  • Specified a process for different types of amendments to the regional transportation plan
  • Fixed formatting and text changes.


Alvin-Bidal Sanchez also provided an informational briefing on updates to DRCOG’s non-discrimination plans. Every three years, DRCOG prepares the Title VI Implementation Plan, Limited English Proficiency Plan and Americans with Disabilities Act Program Access Plan to document the ongoing Title VI-related activities pursued by DRCOG over the previous period. Jacob Riger gave an update on the Complete Streets Toolkit, a project that will provide guidance for local governments to plan, design, and implement Complete Streets as well as strategies and support to decision makers, planners and designers to ensure multimodal elements are incorporated into transportation projects. Ron Papsdorf gave an informational briefing on rulemaking related to greenhouse gas emissions.  Additionally, there was continued discussion and feedback gathered regarding FY 2024-2021 TIP Policy Elements. For more information about this meeting visit DRCOG’s website.


The next TAC meeting will be Monday, August 23 at 1:30pm.