DRCOG Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) – June 28, 2021

DRCOG Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) – June 28, 2021

DRCOG’s Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) met via Zoom on Tuesday, June 28th. There were two action items presented for approval. The first action item was a DRCOG recommendation for approval of the eligibility rules and criteria for selecting projects to be funded through the DRCOG Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Services set aside through the 2020-2023 Transportation Improvement Program. These rules and criteria were presented in detail at May’s meeting. The second action item was to recommend to the Regional Transportation Committee (RTC) the draft FY2022-FY2023 Unified Planning Work Program for the Denver Region. The Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) outlines the transportation planning activities and tasks to be conducted within the region with federal transportation planning funds. The document also lists other major transportation planning activities performed by local governments and partner agencies. Both action items presented were approved by the TAC.

Following the action items, there were informational briefings on the following:

  • Shared Micromobility in the Denver Region – committee was briefed on shared micromobility in the Denver region and on a shared micromobility data collaborative project.
  • Potential Revisions to Metro Vision Performance Measures and Targets – DRCOG staff is providing recommendations for the TAC to review which will ultimately be incorporated into amendments to the Metro Vision Plan later this year.
  • FY 2024-2027 TIP Policy Elements: Project Scoring and Project Readiness – two topics were presented for TAC input: potential adjustments to the project scoring methods and how to incorporate project readiness into the FY 2024-2027 TIP process.
  • 2021 RAISE Grant Requests – DRCOG received three submittals, two for planning projects and one for a construction project. DRCOG staff intend to not provide letters of support for any project not presented at this meeting or that are not consistent with the 2050 Metro Vision Regional Transportation Plan.

For more information regarding this meeting, visit DRCOG’s website.

Next Meeting – July 26, 2021