DRCOG’s Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) – December 7, 2020

The TAC met on Monday, December 7th via GoToMeeting. The first Action Item was an amendment to the 2020-2023 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) re: Central 70 project. This item was approved followed by the presentation of an Action Item regarding FY 2020 TIP Project Delay Actions. Delayed projects were granted a delayed deadline, allowed to move funding into a different year, or given the opportunity to apply for toll credits. These recommendations for delays were approved. It was noted that there were more delays in first year projects than usual – almost double. COVID had an impact on projects. Execution of IGAs was also notable in contributing to delays in projects. The third Action Item was to set and revise 2022 infrastructure and condition pavement targets and 2021 PTASP targets as set forth by the FAST Act. The recommendations for these targets were approved.

The final Action Item was to approve the recommendations made for the Safer Main Streets Project Awards. These recommendations were made by a joint committee of CDOT, DRCOG, and RTD. Safer Main Street Projects are meant to:

  • Reduce fatal and serious injury crashes on the region’s transportation system
  • Support a transportation system that safely accommodates all modes of travel
  • Improve transit access and multimodal mobility
  • Support the development of connected urban/employment centers and multi modal corridors
  • Provide safe access to opportunity and mobility for residents of all ages, incomes, and abilities, including vulnerable users
  • Help communities adjust to the new normal travel patterns caused by COVID-19
  • Deliver practical, simple projects that offer immediate business and employment opportunities in the construction industry

There were informational briefings on CDOT’s 2020 Colorado Aviation System Plan and amendments to CDOT’s Policy Directive 1601 (Interchange Approval Process). The Interchange Approval Process added a TDM requirement to address climate change and greenhouse gas emissions. Members of TAC suggested aligning targets with the more aggressive targets found in other state plans. The TAC schedule for next year was reviewed.