Elected Officials Town Hall for Central/East Central/Southeast Denver – April 30th

The Electeds Town Hall meeting with representation from Central, East Central, and Southeast Denver focused on updates from each of the representatives and featured an update from Dr. Bill Burman with Denver Health.

Some of the more notable updates were:

  • RTD – rear boarding is currently happening, and RTD is still fare free (most likely until June 1st)
  • City council is slowly starting to move to a more typical representation of how they do business
    • They are getting back on track while maintaining safety
    • They are balancing a safe re-entry with limiting economic distress
    • Silver lining – This is a time to reflect on the impacts of quarantine and decide which direction we want the city & state to go in the future
  • State level
    • May 18th is the official re-start of the legislative session
    • The big focus will be on budget cuts due to COVID-19

Dr. Bill Burman gave the following updates & information:

  • Where we currently are
    • 3,000 confirmed cases
    • 120 new cases / day
    • 175 deaths in Denver
    • We know the true rate is much higher (some guess 3-10 times higher)
    • 90% of population remains susceptible
    • There is a greater risk among the Latin and African American populations
    • Older populations are more susceptible
      • If you believe long term care facilities are not getting what they need – contact The Department of Public Health & Environment (DPHE)
    • Denver Health (and other hospitals) report they are busy but not overwhelmed
      • Social distancing IS working
    • The next phase for doctors is getting back to non-emergent medical visits
    • New goal is better and more testing
      • Denver’s goal: 1,100 test/day
      • Contact tracing is starting
      • They are working on scaling up to be able to do all this testing & tracing
    • Best guess – life will look similar to what we have now for another 6-12 months
    • Keep a 10 person social bubble

Next meeting is May 14th @ 4:00PM. Find sign up information on Councilwoman Amanda Sawyer’s Facebook page.