Jeffco LCC – July 9, 2020

Members attended: 13

Two guest speakers: Julie with Re-imagine & Marjorie Sloan with RTD Running candidate for District M Board Member


RTDs point for Reimagine is to face the current challenges and future for RTD by meeting needs

  • They are looking short term about service plan to develop.
  • They are looking long term about mobility plans for the future.
  • They are looking at everything now because by fall, RTD will be making financial cuts.

There are 4 key elements that reimagine is looking at:

  • Technical piece (ridership data and phone data)
  • Financial piece (what can RTD afford?)
  • Seeking inputs (priorities)
  • Consolidating

RTD Priorities:

  • Long Service hours
  • Fast trips
  • Convenient stop locations
  • Reliable Services
  • Equitable access
  • Geographical access
  • High ridership-based services
  • Resource efficiency

Running Board Member for District M of RTD-Marjorie Sloan

Spoke and stated she felt there were 4 important aspects with RTD that she believes in:

  • The value of the rider
  • The respect for employees
  • Recognizing todays reality
  • Reaching innovative solutions