Jeffco LCC meeting March 6th

Karin Jeffco HS:

  • Karin from Jefferson County Human Services spoke about the plan with Age Friendly Community development and how the focus is on the 8 domains of livability. They are: Transportation, Housing, Health Services, Sociable Communities, Respect Social Isolation, Outdoor Space, Civic Employment nd information/ Education.
  • The Age Friendly New Vision Statement is: “Supporting livable communities for all ages and abilities.” This is because they want to be mindful of other population around. They want to continue engaging municipalities involved.

Jeffco LCC Standing alone?

  • It seems that the decision is being directed towards stay under and continue to follow the new Age Friendly Community and find that one of the biggest challenges may be funding if we were to go off on our own. The full decision will be made next month.

Strategic Plan

  • Went over the goals Jeffco LCC would like to focus on. One idea is the sidewalks and them needing more attention. It is not that accessible and dangerous to pedestrians.

AIRA support letter

  • At this time, no decision has been made. I followed up with Ed Neuberg and found that there is not a non-English speaking program or that the cost is not accessible for those who are low income. A follow-up will happen after Ed Neuberg’s meeting on the 12th for more details.
  • Some questions that were emailed and addressed about this matter were:
  • Is there an opportunity to have multi languages for this program? If so, how long before that would be implemented?
  • If there is a blind person or a person with low vision using the phone as their eyes and they have their white cane, bags and maybe something else, how are they going to be able to manage the phone to where the person seeing is able to assist yet still manage their items?
  • Is there a program that would eventually be accessible for low income people to get the glasses at a lesser price than the $25 per month?
  • What type of accommodations will be made for those who are of low-income?

Next meeting: April 2nd 1:30-3:30.