Jeffco LCC – September 3rd, 2020

Via Zoom

Presentation by Karin Stewart: Age Friendly Community Development

  • This meeting is to focus on the Action Plan for Aging Friendly. Starting with tentative goals for the mobility and access subcommittee.
  • LCC Potential Goal Statements:
    • Jeffco LCC will commission a study for more current data on gaps and needs.
    • Jeffco LCC will promote the concept of 15-minute communities (everything you need is within 15 minutes via your mode of mobility)
    • Jeffco LCC will increase awareness of mobility management needs throughout Jefferson County through advocacy activities (candidate forums, host/facilitate educational presentations, develop issue papers)
    • Jeffco LCC will promote the education of mobility management services available to consumers in Jefferson County
    • Jeffco LCC will become more knowledgeable about emerging trends in mobility management through hosting speakers on these topics at our monthly LCC meetings.
    • Jeffco LCC will work with County leadership to update County Transportation Plan- ensure mobility management is part of this. Subset of this- this same concept would apply to municipalities (when they update their comprehensive master plans)
    • These potential goals will be brought in front of the LCC for feedback to help with additions and prioritizing