Jeffco Local Coordinating Council – June 4th, 2020

Members that were present: Krystin Trustman, Jeanne Weis, David, Hank Braaksma, Jadwiga Brown, Michael Hughes, Ann Husker, Lindsey Alarcon.

1st Item: Where is everyone at and any updates in the last 3 months?

  • David: No report- daily walk/ yard work and staying home.
  • Hank: Yard work, working full time now, while closing transportation. Looks like SRC Transportation Services will be picked up from some other organization in the near future. Hank is a strong candidate for a position there. Hank will try and keep our meetings at SRC but is not 100% on that yet.
  • Jadwida: Still teleworking. NO in person meeting unless there is an okay from several supervisors. They are in Phase 2 for the in-person transition. CDLE guidance is to continue teleworking till labor day. They are doing remote training. She also spoke about the Old Town Arvada having talks about making the parking lot, paid parking or no traffic at all. This is to reduce the traffic in their town.
  • Jeanne: Pandemic had given some challenges bit didn’t change what she was doing other then more zoom meetings. Arc is showing solidarity for current issues regarding the protests.
  • Latoya: DRMAC is working remotely and has had a smooth transition during the pandemic.
  • Michael: He spoke about the re-imagine and how 86 RTD local Government Representatives had a meeting and discussed 4 different scenarios. He wants them to face reality and see the big problem, money. Mike wants RTD to look at the real numbers and fiscal crisis they are facing. There deficit for 2021 is between 183 million and 280 million under water. For 2020, the stimulus should break RTD even for this year, they were at a 200 million deficit. Jadwida suggested that RTD be proactive and realize this is their last call for RTD. Hank responded about RTD regarding the CARES Act and how there is no budget but has failed to use the 5307 and use that for funding the 5310.

What is needed to be followed up:

  • Joe will get the minutes to get caught up
  • Michael asked what we think the summer is going to look like. He suggested a default assuming it will be virtual only for at least another 2 months. He also talked about presenting a couple of candidates for July or August if anything.
  • 2 new members were in the meeting: Ann Husker-a rider for Lakewood Rides, Lindsey Alarcon- who is the replacement for Jyotsna from RTD’s Community Engagement Department.

Contact DRMAC for information on the date for the next LCC meeting.