Jeffco Local Coordinating Council (LCC) – February 6, 2020

Location: Seniors’ Resource Center – 3227 Chase St., Wheat Ridge, CO (3rd Floor Conference Rm)

  • Dawn will step down as Chair effective in March. Joe Lamars has said that he would like to replace her.  Currently no one else has volunteered, and if there are no other candidates, Joe will become the Chair of the group effective in April.
  • Charley Able, Lakewood City Council Ward 1 member is working to improve sidewalks in Lakewood. The City Council has identified 6 priorities for 2020, Pedestrian/Bicycle Safety is #6.
  • 2020 Direction:
    • Possibly separate the Jeffco LCC from the Aging Well Project?
    • Need to shorten the strategic plan developed by the Aging Well Project from five pages to one page.
    • Continue meeting with RTD Board members whose districts include Jefferson County.
  • By letter, Joe Lamars told the group more about the Aira APP “Aira is a service that connects blind and low-vision people to highly trained, remotely-located agents. Through an app on your smartphone, or through an optional pair of Horizon Smart Glasses, Aira delivers instant access to visual information at the touch of a button – enhancing everyday efficiency, engagement, and independence. Straightforward and simple.”
  • Ed Neuberg is developing a pilot program with RTD Business partners to offer WiFi for AIRA users in places like Union Station where the RTD pays   the per-minute cost instead of the user.  Several cities in the US that have programs like this.  Joe Lamars will tell us in more detail the next time he’s at the meeting.
  • Next meeting is March 5th at the same location.