Jefferson County LCC – June 3, 2021

Jefferson County LCC – June 3, 2021


 Update from Livable Communities, Karin Stewart

Survey on what is important for Jeffco residents has been released. Here’s the Social Media/Email Blurb to post ASAP:

There needs to be more participation at the community level to identify what needs to happen and what/how Jeffco facilitates changes to be made.


The best champion is the county manager – they truly want to see change.


The county wants to identify the different groups that aren’t participating and find out how to include them – how should we pitch to those groups?


Dave Ruchman suggested the county manager reach out to city managers.

Report on Governor’s Accountability Committee, Krystin Trustman

The survey to provide feedback on the Accountability Committee’s recommendations:  The LCC agreed the survey was written for people who were already involved in the process, not the public.


Problem with focus on NW Rail. Other areas in the metro didn’t get the train or bus improvements they were promised either.

Report on Reimagine RTD, Mike Hughes

Two meetings since the Covid Hiatus, but the meetings have not generated a lot of discussion.


The Reimagine group is looking at the 40-year plan, however some feel they should to be looking at the near term.


Some of group said – “let’s get good at bus service and stop looking at bigger pictures”.


Reimagine has not been talking about significant things like Front Rage rail, or possibly selling some of their assets to another entity to manage transportation.


Kate Williams reported CDOT has created “Connected Colorado” to incorporate all types of transportation to improve transportation in the state.


Continuing Discussion – Future Direction of LCC, including working with more closely with Jefferson County – strategy and tactics

Joe Lamers thinks the LCC needs to talk to the commissioners and county staff about what they think the LCC needs to do.

Mike Hughes believes CDOT is shifting their focus: limiting greenhouse gas emissions. It would be a good idea to have someone come from CDOT come to talk about their ideas and how that will impact Jeffco, Changes in thinking about transportation will affect all of the counties in the Denver metro area, so now the Jeffco LCC has the ability to nudge the county about improving transportation and move into the 21st century thinking.