Jefferson County Local Coordinating Council (LCC) – April 1, 2021

Meeting via Zoom

Guest: Debra Johnson, RTD General Manager and CEO:

Ms. Johnson introduced herself and said that she appreciates the work the individual LCCs do. She is focusing on listening to the concerns of different groups and defining the problems RTD and wants to look forward to finding solutions. Although she is not able to attend every meeting, she is happy to come back and meet with the group again.

Review of meeting with Debra Johnson:

The LCC believes Ms. Johnson is doing a good job with how RTD is handling the pandemic, bringing back ridership and working with the community.  Krystin Trustman told the group about the meetings she has had with Ms. Johnson and Michael Ford to identify the challenges the disability community has with RTD and the suggestions for improvement that have been made.

Accountability Committee Recommendation for Sub-Regional Councils to Advise RTD:

The Accountability Committee has a proposal to Make LCCs the Sub-Regional Councils. Discussion – LCC Priorities and Whether/How This Role of Sub-Regional Council Fits. Different views were presented:

Will regional councils further drive the wedge between parts of the region and exacerbate the move away from a truly regional focus to RTD’s future? Will they make things worse; Is the very idea of regional councils emblematic or the problem rather than a good solution for RTD and the region as a whole?

The LCC Serving Jeffco has committed to goals to serve and engage in the Life Long Jefferson County project, which may or may not benefit from being a part of Sub-regional Service Councils. Does the LCC Serving Jeffco will have the time to take on another project?

Next meeting: May 6, 2021 1:30-3:00pm via Zoom