Meet Denver’s top Lime scooter user, with more than 450 rides in a year

Sammy Sweet never expected this accolade.

He’s the Denver market’s top Lime scooter rider for the year.

With over 450 rides, in less than a year.

“I don’t pay for parking, and I don’t pay for gas. I don’t have to worry about it,” Sweet told FOX31.

He has a car and a bike, but he said the e-scooter is his preferred method of transportation around the metro area.

“The parking in the building that I work in is $10 a day, and that’s cheap with a voucher. So parking a car downtown on the 16th Street Mall is a planned event. Some days, with the traffic, you can’t park anywhere,” Sweet said.

FOX31 took a look at Denver’s public transit options. Without discounts, the RTD bus or the light rail costs $3 each for a local fare and $5.25 for regional.

Sweet says his e-scooter bill was around $1,300 this past year, averaging about $2.50 a ride, for him to travel the 10 blocks to and from work.

“It’s warmer on the light rail but much more convenient to be able to get off and on exactly where I want to go,” Sweet said.

He thinks this this could be the new face of Denver transit moving forward —minus a few snow days.

“Snowpocalypse is only a 4-to-6-day thing. And as soon as the streets are dry, I’m back on the scooter,” Sweet said.