PCTC – June 8th, 2020

There was a continuation of May’s meeting with the discussion surrounding safety precautions among non emergency medical transportation personnel. Are the staff within this realm considered to be essential personnel, and if so, then does that mean they have access to more safety safeguards? This question was pondered, as well as the severity for the need. It was agreed that this matter still needs to be on the radar, even if the supply and demand for sanitizers, gloves, and masks has equaled out, to where it is more readily available. This issue is important because it is still on the minds of the riders, and their comfort/reassurance should be a priority.

Above all though, right now the main priority of the coalition is to think of potential members for the Transportation Community Board, which would troubleshoot rider concerns and positive accolades as well. The board would be comprised of a provider, policy maker, advocate, and a person who is a rider. They want a diverse group of experiences, so the representation of varying perspectives can be taken into consideration. The amount of times the board would meet and where is still under discussion. Stay tuned for July’s meeting to learn more.

Next meeting: July 13,, 2020 at 1:00pm. To attain call in information, contact Meghan Carrier at  303.399.2425