Reimagine RTD Technical Working Group – July 15th, 2020

The 7th meeting of the Reimagine RTD Technical Working Group met occurred on July 15. Reimagine is looking at development of a near term System Optimization Plan (SOP) and a longer-term Mobility Plan for the Future for RTD.  During the meeting there was a recap of the SOP scenarios with the following key takeaways:

Service Quality results in the:

  • Most boardings
  • Lowest cost per boarding
  • Best travel time ratio

Social Equity results in the:

  • Most social equity population service by 15‐minute or better service
  • Highest bus boardings per service hour

Service Productivity results:

  • Similar to social equity in most categories

Geographic Coverage results in the:

  • Most population and employment served
  • Fewest boardings
  • Lowest equity population served by 15‐minute or better service
  • Highest cost per boarding

Results of a service philosophy exercise done with the Technical Working Group, Advisory Committee, and RTD Board of Directors were shared. Some of the key takeaways were:

Near term

  • Strong support for service to social equity populations •Limited support for achieving a low cost (to RTD) per boarding metric •TWG and AC strongly supported high frequency service to areas with transit‐supportive land uses over spreading service throughout the District •All groups favored the idea of a regional transit backbone provided by RTD and exploring local

community partnerships to operate/pay for local service


  • TWG and AC strongly supported service to equity populations
  • TWGand AC strongly supported high‐frequency service to areas with transit supportive land uses over a coverage‐based system
  • All groups favored a regional transit backbone provided by RTD and exploring local community partnerships to operate/pay for local service

There was discussion and feedback regarding SOP DRAFT Guiding Principles and Network Development and a presentation of some initial proposed plans for rail and bus service changes. Information was also presented about partnerships and cost sharing.

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