Ride Alliance Ride Hub meeting – April 17th

The Ride Alliance project is “owned” by DRCOG with funding from CDOT to design and implement a virtual hub to allow paratransit providers and alternative service providers in the greater Denver metro area to share rides. As an example, if SRC had a client who was going to Anschutz Medical Center for a 11 am appointment and AccessARide had a client who was leaving the same location at that time, AccessARide could put their trip into the Ride Exchange Hub, SRC could pull that trip from the Hub and give the AAR client a ride home. The concept is that AAR would save the entire round trip – one way to the hospital empty, and one way from the hospital to the clients home full. SRC would save an empty trip after dropping off their rider by taking the AAR client. This sharing reduces what are known as “deadhead’ trips, cuts vehicle miles traveled in half, frees up all providers to do more trips, and benefits everyone involved. The pilot effort is in production with rides shared between Via Mobility and Broomfield Easy Rides; the whole effort is expected to be in operation by July of 2020. DRMAC is a founding partner.