RTD Reimagine Technical Working Group – May 13th, 2020

The Technical Working Group meeting included an overview of Reimagine RTD and the work completed so far. The impact of COVID 19 on RTD and the Reimagine process was part of the agenda, and RTD shared their response to COVID as well as some financial implications of COVID on the system. The group broke into smaller groups to discuss whether the impact of COVID-19 changed members’ perception of what success looks like for RTD and how Reimagine RTD can be used to maintain the relevance of transit. Some of the markers of success were the same, but some were different or took on a higher priority such as health and safety and service for those who are transit dependent. Using the Technical Working Group as consultants or a “brain trust” for responding during this crisis was suggested. The final part of the meeting was spent on a county by county breakdown of FasTracks financial data and the outreach for Reimagine targeted for the fall.  Follow Reimagine RTD and participate in the discussion at https://fhueng.mysocialpinpoint.com/reimagine-rtd.