Strategic Action Planning Group on Aging (SAPGA) June 14, 2021

Strategic Action Planning Group on Aging (SAPGA) June 14, 2021

Jarrett Hughes, Governor’s Senior Policy Advisor on Aging presented all this Legislature’s bills that will impact seniors.

  • HB21-1097, Establish Behavior Health Administration
  • HB21-1187, LTSS case management redesign
  • HB21-1264, Workforce development funding
  • HB21-1271, Innovative affordable housing strategies
  • SB21-118, Alternative response for at-risk adults
  • SB21-137, Behavioral health recover act
  • SB21-146, Improve prison outcomes
  • SB21-148, Creation of Financial Empowerment Office.
  • SB21-158, Increase geriatric medical providers
  • SB21-175, Prescription Drug Affordability Review Board
  • SB21-181, Equity strategic plan to address health disparities
  • SB21-251, Family Medical Leave Program loan
  • SB21-290, Security for Colorado seniors


  • The state is working on NEMT, moving back to hybrid County/State model: IntelliRide is brokering the program
  • IntelliRide has just rolled out in the Roaring Fork Valley. They’re trying to get vehicles strategically located in the rural parts of the State.

Elizabeth Mullins, Director, Div. of Veterans’ Community Living Centers presented on the state of veterans’ facilities in Colorado. Facilities are old and need of renovation, new models of administration, possibly relocation to cities, and creativity in use of space. Residents are getting younger.

Kevin Hummel, Program Director, National Civic League, presented on enhancing the equity and inclusiveness of age friendly initiatives.