Strategic Action Planning Group on Aging (SAPGA) – March 26, 2021

SAPGA’s Legislative Caucus on Aging met to closely follow legislation that hopes to benefit older adults. Two State Senators and one State Representative was present at the meeting.  For 2021, SAPGA is focused on COVID, Caregiving and Long-term Care, and Rural Disparities and Regional Priorities (in medical care and workforce). Colorado is the second oldest state (based on age of population). Legislation of note:

HB21-1097: Establish a Behavioral Health Administration

SB21-175 : Sen. Kirkmeyer told the group that SB175 discriminates against older adults.

SB21-075: Supported decision-making agreement

SB21-176: Protections for Colorado workers against discriminatory employment practices. Repeals limits on remedies in cases involving age discrimination.

Next meeting on 4/23, 7:30am