How an accurate census count benefits people with disabilities

Every single person who completes the Census qualifies the state of Colorado for more funding for public services every year for the next ten years. Simply put, when you complete the Census, you ensure that our state receives more money.

• The Census is conducted every 10 years, and the information gathered from the Census informs decisions about policy, health care, education, and tens of other public services.

• The Census takes about 10 minutes to complete, as there are only 9 questions to answer.

• If even 1% of Colorado’s population goes uncounted, that’s $63 million dollars our state will not be given over the course of the next decade.

• We will be using the grant to make sure that every disabled adult in the region is aware of the census, understands why it is important and has the tools and support they need to respond.

Take the Census in three different formats starting March 12:
1. Online at
2. By paper via a form that will be sent to your physical address by the U.S. Postal Service.
3. By telephone – Cellular or Landline: 800-923-8282

Video by Open Media Foundation and CCDC information regarding the importance of participating in the Census 2020