Broomfield LCC January 14, 2022

Broomfield LCC January 14, 2022


In attendance: Sarah Grant, Marc Ambrosi, Nikki Crouse, Jennifer Hussey, Bob Davis, Stephanie O’Neill

Group Updates:

Broomfield Easy Ride – They have hired new drivers and one will hopefully help operate their larger vehicles. Services have been expanded to include the Erie King Soopers. The scheduling requirement has been capped at 5 days in advance rather than 3 days since most clients now must travel far for medical appointments. Routematch (a scheduling software) will continue to be supported by Uber, but it will not be updated, so it will eventually disappear. There is funding available to hopefully migrate their platform to another scheduling service software that will help them.


Sarah Grant reported that CDOT has some funding and is putting some of their ARPA funds into multi-modal transportation options. She also reported that Reimagine RTD is back at it and looking at a system optimization plan to lay the groundwork for a fiscally sustainable network out till 2027. RTD realized they’re not able to deliver as much as they had hoped, like bringing back services and routes. RTD will be running public input until February 9th 2022. More info: RTD will be bringing back Civic Center service on the Flatiron Flyer.


Midway Boulevard Project– Marc Ambrosi reported that they’re finalizing working through a survey and proposed some alternatives for signage in the community. More information can be found or


The next meeting will be on Friday, February 11th 2022 from 9:30-11am via Google Meet