Broomfield LCC, March 11th, 2022

Broomfield LCC, March 11th, 2022


Stephanie O’Neill reported that DRMAC will be hosting a training on Older Adult Scam Prevention on April 5th from 130-3pm via Zoom. To register for the training, visit


Teague Kirkpatrick went to the South West Transit Association (SWATA) transit conference and mentioned that there was a lot of conversation surrounding the driver shortages everywhere and service reevaluations; how do we want to do service with ridership being low? Some networks heavily relied on commuting and with the pandemic and everyone working from home, those numbers are much lower.


Sarah Grant reported that Broomfield provided a lot of feedback surrounding RTD service in the Broomfield area and they are waiting for a response on the feedback. DRCOG also submitted comments and feedback on equity.


Broomfield Easy Ride is hoping to get some more drivers on their team


The next meeting will be Friday, April 8th from 9:30-11:30am via Google Meet