Colorado Center for Aging (Colorado Senior Lobby)

Colorado Senior Lobby Meeting Updates:

Topic: Transportation Issues

  1. The Colorado Senior Lobby has changed it’s name to: Colorado Center for Aging. To officially be known after the current legislative session
  2. Transportation Bills following 2021 Session
    1.  HB21-1206 Medicaid Transportation Service – Transfer safety and related requirements from PUC to HCPF. Has been Laid Over Daily. Next Hearing 6/1
    2. HB21-1139 Driver License Electronic Renewal for Seniors – requires 6 month proof of eye exam, Governor Signed
    3. SB21-290 Security for Colorado Seniors – allocates 15 million dollars to Area Agencies on Aging to establish grant programs to assist older Coloradans to include transportation: New Bill
    4. SB21-187 Dialysis Transportation Reimbursement – Killed in Committee
  3.  This Legislation Session officially adjourns June 12, 2021. Many Bills remain for further action, if actions are not completed by June 12th, the Governor has to the authority to call a Special Session with a specific agenda.

Next scheduled meeting is June 7th, 2021