Designing for Transit Equity, 5/19/21

The main take-away from this webinar is that organizations should include people from the populations they are trying to serve. Include them from the beginning; let them help word surveys; let them recommend the best way to get a survey out to their community. The featured contractor was hired to figure out the best way for San Francisco to implement surge pricing for rush hours, which would definitely affect the inner-city dweller.

Important things to consider:

  1. Co-design data with the people
  2. Gather unstructured data, not just stats. Use open ended questions, natural language
  3. Design surveys with not for a population
  4. Texting is more successful that phone or email with underserved populations. Phone surveys skew older.


Significant stat: For every $1 invested in transit equity, you get $5 in economic output and improvement.