Strategic Action Planning Group on Aging 5/10/21

Strategic Action Planning Group on Aging, 5/10/21

The meeting started with Karin Stewart describing Jefferson County’s Age Friendly efforts.

Jarrett Hughes, the Governor’s Senior Advisor on Aging, gave an in-depth update on the status of vaccination shots in Colorado and introduced a new program, Serve Colorado (Governor’s Commission on Community Service), to come forward in the fall of 2021. He also updated us on Colorado’s Lifelong Colorado program and Livable Communities.

We were given also an update on SAPGA’s recommendations for federal stimulus spending to support older adults.

These were followed by Mayling Rodriguz, the program manager for the Innovation in Aging Collaborative efforts for an Age Friendly Colorado Springs. They have completed the first 5 years of the program and are now reviewing the lessons learned before they launch into the next 5 years. They have a technology equity pilot for seniors; they’re bringing art to local care homes. They want to see how much the demographics and regionalism plays into the inequity. In planning for housing, houses must be fitted for aging from the beginning.

The meeting ended with Megan Wolfe, the Senior Policy Development manager for the Trust for American’s Health, discussing an age friendly public health system. 80% of older adults of one chronic disease, 75% have at least 2. She described the 5 C’s of an Age-Friendly Public Health System that made a lot of sense.

  • Connecting and convening
  • Coordinating
  • Collecting and disseminating data
  • Communicating
  • Complementing and supplementing