CPC & Care Management – April 21st

DRMAC presented to a group of nurses, physicians, pharmacists and administrative people at the Westminster Medical group. The health care professionals were all super aware of the connection between transportation and good health. As each person did a self-introduction, they shared an example of how transportation had affected one of their patients – for good or for bad. One of the staff had previous experience with AccessARide as her parents had registered and used it. Most of the rest of the group had little current knowledge of the variety of options that could be available to their clients, and stated that they often felt that their patients were not getting enough care due to lack of transportation. We looked at the COVID19 spreadsheet on the DRMAC website, we reviewed SRC’s transportation service, DRCOG’s voucher program, and UNITED Way 211’s offerings, among others. We talked about how DRMAC does what we do, and why, and answered some questions. I believe that the Westminster Medical group will be better able to help their clients with their new-found transit awareness.